Work Integrated Learning Placement at Health Dynamix

During my experience at Health Dynamix, I was introduced to a broad cross section of patient cases
and treatment techniques. As a result of the variety of different cases it allowed me to enhance my
understanding of how to treat, diagnose and communicate with patients in the physiotherapy
environment. The patient cases consisted of many types of musculoskeletal conditions such as
osteoarthritis, tendinopathy’s, spinal, osteoporosis and temporomandibular joint problems.

A case in particular that stood out to me was a patient who is suffering from severe rheumatoid
arthritis (RA) in the ankle joint. It was not the fact that the patient has RA that interested me it was
the cause of how the RA occurred. The RA occurred in the ankle due to the patient suffering from
severe food poisoning, which appeared to me as an enormous shock as I was unaware that food
poising was capable of causing such problems. As a result of the RA it has caused the patient to have
several ankle and foot surgeries to allow the patient to weight bare. Due to the surgeries, it has
forced the patient’s foot into excessive eversion, I found this very interesting as I was curious to see
what type of therapy and rehabilitation is required to enhance the foot’s functionality. The patient’s
foot had limited movement and was causing pain before the consultation began. Manual therapy
was conducted throughout the Achilles tendon, soleus, gastrocnemius, tibialis anterior, flexor and
extensor muscles in the foot which resulted in the patients foot having greater range of motion and
less pain in the ankle. This allowed me to not only realise the importance of manual therapy but also
how it is so important that you know exactly which part of the body you are manipulating.

Ultimately my time at health Dynamix so far has expanded my knowledge about musculoskeletal
problems allowing me to understand how many of the conditions occur. Furthermore, the
physiotherapy team has taught me several manual therapy techniques which has allowed me to feel
more comfortable and confident when applying manual therapy to patients. I am Very excited for
what’s next to come at my time at health Dynamix.

Stefan Krohn

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