Shoulder Rehabilitation

With any shoulder condition, we need to get your shoulder and shoulder blade sitting in a good position before starting strengthening exercises.

Start by gently pulling your shoulder backwards as if you are squeezing a pencil between your shoulders. 

Once you can hold this position, using a theraband we will continue to progress to strengthening. Therabands are stocked at Health Dynamix, and are affordable bands, used for stretching with. Stand with your elbow bent 90deg, theraband in hand and slowly rotate the hand outwards whilst holding your shoulder position. Repeat this with good quality movement.

Once again do this pulling the theraband inwards towards the stomach, holding the shoulders backwards. To do this you will need to rotate your position to the theraband so that you are pulling against the resistance.

Once again now with the arm straight, pull the arm backwards

Once again arm straight and pull forwards.

Ongoing shoulder management can further be progressed using our fully equipped pilates gym.

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