Pregnancy & Physiotherapy

Pregnancy causes many changes including physical, physiological and hormonal. As your body grows with your baby there may be shifts to your center of gravity, weight and even your joints can become more flexible. With these changes to your body and routine, it can bring about new aches and pains along with curiosity about how to protect your changing body and baby.

Guidelines for pregnant individuals are usually separated into two categories; what is safe for the baby and what is safe for the mother. General recommendations include:

  • Avoiding activities that may increase your risk of falling; skiing or mountain bike riding
  • Avoid activities that raise your core body temperature; high intensity exercises and hot yoga.
  • Engage in activities to activate and strengthen your pelvic floor.

As you progress through your pregnancy, the hormone relaxin acts on your joints and ligaments to help them become more flexible, putting you at greater risk of enduring a sprain or strain during exercise.

How can Physiotherapy help?

Your physiotherapist can be of assisting throughout all stages of your pregnancy, helping with advice for pain management in labour and post-natal pelvic floor health. All physios have general knowledge to work towards your goals during pregnancy, however specialised Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor physiotherapists such as Divya Kumar, have undergone greater training to provide more specialised treatment to prevent conditions such as incontinence.

The physiotherapist can treat back and pelvic pain that are common during pregnancy; helping prepare you for labour and preventing ongoing back pain postpartum.

This article is not intended to replace medical advice. Speak to your physiotherapist and medical practitioner for more information on how to stay fit, safe and healthy during your pregnancy.

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