Physio Suggestions for a Healthier New Year

Our health is something that is easy to take for granted, and sometimes it’s not until we’ve had a setback that we fully appreciate our health. It’s a phrase you’ve likely heard, but prevention really is the best medicine. The new year is often the time that we all begin to make changes to maintain our health and prevent future illnesses. Here are some tips to make sure the next year is the healthiest it can be.

  1. Prioritise movement

Exercise and movement are arguably the most important factors when it comes to your health. Even more so than diet, weight and smoking status, believe it or not! If you do anything for your health this year, try to fit in some extra movement and exercise in any form you can. 

 2. Plan to start your New Year’s resolutions at the end of January. 

New years resolutions are almost doomed to fail. They’re made at a time when most people are out of their usual routines, making it tricky to commit and maintain enthusiasm when the reality of the usual grind sets back in.

For many, integrating these goals when we’re back to our usual schedule will increase the likelihood of success.

 3. Focus on small and incremental changes that you do regularly.

While big goals are important to set, small goals are easier to reach and can help release dopamine, reinforcing your behaviour and keeping you on track with your long term goals. You can still aim for larger goals, but if you set smaller markers along the way, this will make the journey more achievable.

 4. Buy or optimise your health insurance.

Two common mistakes when it comes to health insurance are to either not have any, which can help to cover the cost of physiotherapy or to not use what you have. When it comes to physiotherapy coverage, more often than not, rather than a safety net that you can use when something happens, policies are designed as a payment plan to help you spread out the costs and if you don’t use your limits for one year they don’t roll over into the next year. 

 5. Seek treatment for minor symptoms before they develop into larger problems. 

Many conditions begin as a small niggle that can be easy to neglect, and most people don’t seek treatment until it’s impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, in many cases, treatment also takes longer, the longer that an issue has been present. Seeking treatment early can help you avoid months of pain and dysfunction. 

Ask your physiotherapist for more tip on how to reach your goals this year, no matter how big or small they are. 

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