Online Physiotherapy

We know times are changing and we have to adapt to keep up. At Health Dynamix we have introduced online or TeleHealth Physiotherapy consultations.

The consultations occur via a video link so the Physiotherapist is able to see you and do a thorough assessment remotely. They then will be able to provide an appropriate treatment program and eduction to help treat your condition. 

As Physiotherapists do not always require hands on treatment you can be assured that the quality of care you receive is the same as if you came into the clinic. 

The best part is your session can be claimed through private health insurance. 

Many reasons for you to choose us ?

Knowledgeable and Experienced Physiotherapists

Patient-Centred Approach

On the Spot Private Health Fund Claiming

Extensive Opening Hours

Trusted by Your Local GP

Satisfied Clientele

Up-to-Date Treatment Techniques

Good Communication & Education

Friendly & Well Trained Staff

APA Accredited

Thorough Assessments


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