Meniscular Tear of the Knee

What is a Menisci tear?

One of the most common types of knee injury, and cause of knee pain, can be a meniscular tear. The Meniscus plays a pivotal role and acts as a stabilizer and a shock absorber. The rubbery C shaped disc that cushions your knee is known as the Menisci.  Each knee joint consists of two menisci.

 Any injury or damage to the meniscus can instigate instability, pain and can cause osteoarthritis over time.  It is essential to always remain active in order to keep away from sudden shocks to the knee that can lead to a meniscular tear.

Causes of a Minisci Tear?

 It can be damaged due to activities that put pressure on the knee joint.  Playing a hasty shot on a baseball field or a hard pivot on a tennis court can lead to a meniscular injury.   Nonetheless, this injury is not limited to athletes only, it can happen to just about anyone and sometimes may be out of the blue.

 Individuals who are not even remotely connected to sports can get a menisci tear.  Even daily activities like long walks or squatting down can sometimes lead to meniscular knee injury.  Activities like dancing & skiing can also sometimes put pressure on the knee and cause menisci tear.

Physiotherapy can help in management of the tear, we can use knee mobility techniques, taping, soft tissue release and trigger point dry needling, and other up to date techniques.

You can self manage at home by using a foam roller.  A foam roller can be used to strengthen the ITB (Illiotibial Band) that runs down the outside of the leg.   The foam roller will release the pressure the ITB puts on the leg. 

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