Mastitis means inflammation of the breast. It can be caused by blocked milk ducts (non-infective mastitis) or a bacterial infection (infective mastitis).   Mastitis occurs in breast feeding mothers, when the breast becomes inflamed by blocked milk ducts.   If the blocked duct is not cleared as soon as possible, a fever can develop, followed by aches and pains.  If you have infective mastitis, you need to see your GP before starting physiotherapy to begin antibiotics to clear the infection

Symptoms of Mastitis:

Red and tender breasts

Hot to touch in the infected area

High temperature

Flu like symptoms

Aches & Pains in the body


Apply an ice pack on the red and hot area of the breast.  Alternatively, some cold cabbage leaves (store the leaves in the fridge to chill).

Physiotherapy management at the first signs of the above symptoms, is the best way to treat mastitis.  Health Dynamix Physios will use ultrasound and massage over the area.  This treatment will be applied for a length of time, to aid reducing the inflammation in the blocked duct.  This will help opens up the duct.  Our physios can also then advise you on further pain management and how to improve the flow of the milk.  Early intervention is essential for best outcome.  We recommend bringing your baby along with you, so that you can feed immediately after the treatment and empty the breast.

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