Is Surgery the Right Decision for you?

Deciding whether or not to have surgery following an injury can be complicated, as navigating the minefield of information you receive and finding the right pathway for you can prove a difficult task.

Unfortunately, there is often no obvious answer which can be very confusing. To ensure surgery would provide you with the best outcome, here are a few questions ask yourself and to help you decide:

How much will surgery cost and will I need to take time off work?

During recovery it is likely that you will have to take time off to rest, resulting in lost income. Depending on your level of private health cover the total cost of the surgery may not be reimbursed, particularly for elective surgery and you will often need to visit physiotherapy after woods. The price of surgery can continue to add up, and if you can achieve similar results with physiotherapy, this may work out in your favour financially.

What are the potential complications and success rates for your surgery?

All surgeries bear the risk of potential complications, which vary in probability depending on a range of personal factors, such as your age and general health. Equally as important you should compare the success rate of surgery with a period of physiotherapy treatment. To achieve the optimal surgical outcomes, physiotherapy should be implemented post-op; therefore it makes sense to consider it first. In few cases, the injury will not heal without surgical intervention and therefore physiotherapy will have little success in resolving the issue.

What are your post-surgical goals?

Everyone has different aspirations and an everyday routine they wish to live, although for majority of the population being able to push and trust your body is vital for both your income and quality of life. Considering individual goals, surgery to improve stability may be the right decision for an athletic individual who has high demands on their body, however not necessarily for someone who isn’t very active. Setting goals and deciphering how you aim to live your everyday life in consultation with your physiotherapist can help guide your decision making process.

Before making any major decisions, it is important to consult your medical team to ensure you are well educated in all the risks and benefits of choosing surgery.

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