Differences Between Physiotherapists & Myotherapists

Physiotherapy   Minimum qualification:  University Bachelor of Physiotherapy & further  Post Graduate study (4 + years Tertiary level)   Techniques mastered:   Soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, spinal mobilization, headache and jaw treatments, assessment of injuries and body dysfunction, gait, postural and movement analysis, corrective exercise programs including pilates, ultrasound, taping areas/structures to support & improve function, referrals for imaging and scans, trigger point dry needling , Orthotics and foot biomechanics.   What can they treat?   Physiotherapists treat not just muscular conditions, but also joints, ligaments, capsular injuries, nerve conditions and general body mechanics.    Pain, injury, cardiorespiratory issues, most neurological conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunction & chronic complaints.  We help with falls prevention and balance retraining.  Headache/jaw pain and dysfunction.  Pre &post natal Conditions.  Post operative and surgery recovery.   Where can they work?  .  Physiotherapists are recognized across the medical profession, and hence can treat anywhere.   Physiotherapy clinics, multimodality clinics, hospitals, sports teams, aged care facilities   When should I see a physiotherapist?   If you are experiencing acute or persistent pain, have an injury, are having trouble moving well, rehabilitation from some surgeries, recovery from an illness, to maintain movement and enhance strength, and to optimise sporting performance.   Can I claim it on Private Health Insurance? Physiotherapy is claimable on private health insurance. Myotherapy   Minimum qualification:  Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy.   1 year  Institute Course   Techniques mastered:  Soft tissue massage.  Releasing muscle tension through massage & trigger point release, dry needling.   What can they treat?  Muscle tightness and conditions originating from muscle tightness.   Where can they work? Massage clinics, as an adjunct at Physiotherapy clinics & chiropractic clinics, sports teams.   When should I see a myotherapist?   If you are experiencing muscular pain.   Can I claim it on Private Health Insurance? Some funds will allow you to claim Myotherapy if you have certain extras cover.  

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