Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a unique and effective whole body exercise which focuses on “core” muscle strengthening. Clinical Pilates is run by a physiotherapist and utilises the trapeze table, reformer, balance boards, fit balls and mat work. This provides stability of the spine and pelvis to aid rehabilitation of injuries, reduce risk of injury and tone muscles around the body.

Health Dynamix Physiotherapists utilise the Pilates concept and combines this with their physiotherapy skills to assess and create a program specifically for you and your needs.   As the classes are run by physiotherapists you can claim a rebate through your private health insurance.

Pilates One-on-One

Personalised sessions with a physiotherapist are required initially for the Pilates assessment and to begin and complete your program. Once your program has been established you may choose to move in to a Pilates class or if you feel that you would prefer greater supervision to perform your program correctly, you may continue to work one on one with the physiotherapist.

Pilates Classes

Classes run for 40 minutes, and given the need for feedback and supervision, we have a maximum of six people per class. Each person in the class is performing their own individual program designed by the physiotherapist. Due to the precise nature of Pilates exercises we generally recommend that you perform at least two one-on-one sessions (including your assessment) before entering a class. Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.

Specially designed slow pace Pilates program for seniors. It focuses on balance, function and general well-being.

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