Dry Needling at Health Dynamix

Our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling as a specific treatment modality. Dry needling is another form of soft tissue treatment that is a useful adjunct to your manual therapy. Dry Needling is a technique of inserting a single-use sterile fine filament needle into a muscular trigger point/knot to help with the release of tight

Shoulder Rehabilitation

With any shoulder condition, we need to get your shoulder and shoulder blade sitting in a good position before starting strengthening exercises. Start by gently pulling your shoulder backwards as if you are squeezing a pencil between your shoulders.  Once you can hold this position, using a theraband we will continue to progress to strengthening.

TMJ Dysfunction

Do you suffer from: Intermittent or persistent pain or tenderness in your jaw Pain around the ear Difficulty chewing, especially hard food Locking or clicking Jaw Difficulty opening or closing the mouth A grating sensation or unusual sound when opening your mouth or chewing Limited movement in your jaw You may be suffering from temporomandibular

Cervicogenic Headaches

Most of us suffer from headaches at some point, and you may think it’s nothing to be concerned about. Persistent headaches could be due to damage to the muscles, nerves, joints or ligaments of the top three vertebrae of the neck.  Therefore, you should not ignore it and think that it is just another headache. 

Ergonomics for the desk/work station

Millions of people sit at their desk every day for endless hours at a time. Up until recently it was always believed that this activity was harmless. Now considerable evidence shows that sitting for prolonged hours is not benign. Surveys indicate that many people develop a variety of health problems including headaches, visual strain, neck


What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis occurs when the bones become fragile and brittle, which can lead to a higher risk of bones breaking. This condition occurs when bones lose minerals such as Calcium faster than the body can replace them, resulting in lower bone density. What are the risk factors for Osteoporosis? Several factors can increase


Mastitis means inflammation of the breast. It can be caused by blocked milk ducts (non-infective mastitis) or a bacterial infection (infective mastitis).   Mastitis occurs in breast feeding mothers, when the breast becomes inflamed by blocked milk ducts.   If the blocked duct is not cleared as soon as possible, a fever can develop, followed by aches

Differences Between Physiotherapists & Myotherapists

Physiotherapy   Minimum qualification:  University Bachelor of Physiotherapy & further  Post Graduate study (4 + years Tertiary level)   Techniques mastered:   Soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, spinal mobilization, headache and jaw treatments, assessment of injuries and body dysfunction, gait, postural and movement analysis, corrective exercise programs including pilates, ultrasound, taping areas/structures to support & improve function, referrals