Conditions a Physiotherapist can treat

There are endless conditions a Physiotherapist can treat. Below is a list of the most common conditions a Physiotherapist would treat: Achilles tendon repair ACL reconstruction Arthritis Back and neck pain Cerebral palsy Dizziness Foot pain Fractures & dislocations Frozen shoulder Hip fractures Hip replacement Knee pain Knee replacement Labral tears of the hip Ligament

Home Schooling Q & A

Does my child need a proper desk chair or can I make do with a dining chair we have at home? Depending on the age and height of the child will determine what options for chair and table is suitable. For little children a dining chair and table will most likely be too high for them

Hamstring Tears

What is it? The hamstrings are a large group of muscles found at the back of the thigh. The primary role of these muscles is to bend the knee and collectively, these muscles are some of the strongest in the body. Even though these are very strong muscles they are prone to injury. They often

Ankle Sprains

What is it? Almost everyone has twisted their ankle at some in their life; in fact, it is one of the most common reasons for people to visit an emergency department. A sprain occurs when the ankle twists, potentially on an uneven surface and causes damage to one of its supporting ligaments. The damage could