Osteoporosis is a widespread condition characterized by low bone mass or density. It is primarily a metabolic disorder related to age and general health with a variety of risk factors and causes. The most common and well-known consequence of osteoporosis is weakened bones that can break from small forces that would usually be harmless.  

Welcome Back Taruna!

SHE’S BACK!   We are so happy to have Taruna back in the clinic after taking some time off. As of next week, she will be working Monday mornings, Thursday evenings and rotating Saturday mornings.If you’d like an appointment with Taruna then give us a call on 8822 3020.

Common Running Injuries

Running is a great way to stay in shape, manage stress, and increase your overall wellbeing. However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While being a low-risk activity, there are a few injuries that commonly affect runners. As running is a repetitive impact activity, most running injuries develop slowly and can be challenging to treat. Here

Women’s Health Week

In light of Women’s Health week which flew by last week, our Women’s Health Physio, Divya Kumar had a very important message to share with all the beautiful women out there.. “Be sure to take time out for yourselves. Whether it be chatting to a friend for your mental health, walking for physical health or finally