Pelvic Floor Incontinence

1 in 3 women develop incontinence over the age of 35. Incontinence affects both men and women, regardless of your age or background. It can be treated, managed and in many cases cured. Don’t be taboo about continence, there is NO SHAME Divya is a women’s health physiotherapist who would be happy to answer any

Winter Warmer

Winter is well & truly here! For many that means an increase in stiff, sore and achy joints and muscles.BUT we can help! We stock a large variety of high quality heat bags from Heat Bags Plus that target specific areas of the body. 100% AUSTRALIA LUPIN Not treated with chemicals Heat or freeze Fully

Recipe Idea!

YUM! For those of you who popped on the Chef hat while being in isolation, here is a HD approved recipe for you to try – Delicious Cumquat Cake. It’s been tried & tested using our very own cumquats from the cumquat tree out the back of the clinic! Here is the link to the

Our Pilates Patient Kaye

   Here we have our patient Kaye on the reformer whilst Divya ensures she maintains her lovely straight posture. Kaye is another one of our long-time patients who also happens to be an absolute trooper. After facing many set-backs Kaye has still persevered and been right back in the clinic for Pilates as soon as she’s

Pilates classes are back!

PILATES CLASSES ARE BACK! We know how much everyone has been hanging to get back into it so we have created a mini term! (4 weeks) which will be starting on Monday the 15th of June. In alignment with current restrictions, classes will allow for 3 people per class, socially spaced with equipment being wiped

Hard Working Boss Lady!

Look at our Boss Lady hard at work Divya is just about to jump into a Telehealth Pilates class.Want to know the beauty of Telehealth Pilates sessions?You’re in the comfort of your own home, you’ve got Divya to motivate and guide you, you don’t need much as it mainly involves a lot of body weight

Little FYI

Just a little FYI for all those still working from home & maybe beginning to feel a bit tight in the upper shoulders, neck or lower back from working in a more relaxed home office setting (such as the couch). We offer detailed assessments of your work/schooling workstation, otherwise known as an Ergonomic Assessment. Based

Look at our Pilates patient John!

Check out the Gun Show! This is our beloved patient & Pilates King, John. He has been coming to Health Dynamix for over 7 years! (No wonder he’s in such fantastic shape!) You’re an inspiration John & we thank you for your years of loyalty!

Look at our Pilates patient Ellen!

Have a look at our Pilates patient Ellen, looking as graceful as ever on the reformer!With our group Pilates classes on pause, it’s great to see a lot of our Pilates patients still coming in to keep up with their individual programs and keeping their bodies moving & their muscles active. Good Stuff Ellen!