5 Reasons to Stay Active

Keeping active has shown to reap many benefits that can improve your quantity and quality of life. Some of our favorite reasons to get moving include…

  1. Exercise improves energy levels

Exercise causes chronic adaptations to our respiratory, muscular and cardiovascular system that makes us more effective at producing energy. Initially exercise can make you tired in the short term, however the more you move your body the more energy you will have in the long term.

2. Exercise can help to reduce stress

Exercise releases endorphins which helps to relieve stress and pain, this can move you into a calmer and more relaxed state, improving your mood and enhancing your concentration & sleep.

3. Exercise and hobbies can help you build connections and community

Connection and community is vital for both your social and spiritual health and well being, and as an adult forming new connections can be difficult. Being part of a team, club or fitness studio is an amazing way to meet new people and build confidence.

4. Exercise keeps your muscles, tendons, joints and bones healthy.

As we age, we experience sarcopenia as our muscles lose tone and strength – regular exercise can help to reduce the rate that this occurs. Engaging in activity will also reduce the chance of contracting other chronic conditions such as osteoporosis.

5. Exercise can help to reduce injuries

Tissues that are used regularly are stronger, more elastic and less likely to tear or break when under stress. Maintaining an exercise routine will therefore keep your body in a healthy state and prevent injuries.

Finding the right exercise for you can be tricky, your physiotherapist can help you with suggestions based on your ability and skillset.

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